Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen fire in Edgecliff Village

Edgecliff Village House Fire

This fire damage utterly destroyed the kitchen. The remainder of the house fared somewhat better, but smoke damage and soot were prevalent throughout the residence. The family was moved to a residence motel. The fire was a very traumatic event for them. We develop and present a project plan to the residents and their insurance company, hoping that it provides a positive feeling about the positive outcome we know we will deliver. Using the latest cleaning solutions and equipment, we conquered the smoke damage and odor as the kitchen was being torn out and rebuilt.

boarded up home after a fire damage

Residential Board-Up

The fire that started in the kitchen of this Fort Worth home charred the interior of that room. The firefighters knocked out the window to boarded it up to keep out any bad weather, vermin, or vandals.

SERVPRO employees clearing fire damage

Company Fire Damage

Our SERVPRO team tacked difficult commercial fire damage and came away with positive results. After the debris was cleared from the conveyor belts, we pressured washed the belts to get them ready to be inspected by the company. SERVPRO of South Central Fort Worth, Edgecliff Village, has the skills to take care of any Texas fire damage.  

Kitchen fire in Edgecliff Village

Total Fire Loss in Edgecliff Village

This fire was considered a total loss by the homeowners and emergency personnel because of the significant smoke and soot damage. Crews were instructed to gut the home to the studs completely. Crews then wiped down every inch of the structure with SERVPRO approved products to eliminate the smoke smell and feel. The owner couldn't believe how quickly and thoroughly we could clean the soot from the structure. At SERVPRO of South Central Fort Worth, Edgecliff Village, we make disasters "Like it never even happened." We're here to serve you 24/7. 

Microwave with fire damage

Stove Fire

Kitchen fires are one of the most common sources of house fires. This fire in the Fort Worth area started on the kitchen stove and moved throughout the house. This photo shows the extent of the damage to the microwave. Crews were able to remove and discard any destroyed utilities while removing any smoke and soot from the house. Appliances were quickly replaced to the satisfaction of the customer!

Texas home with fire damage

Fire Damaged House in Fort Worth

This is the aftermath of a fire in a home. When SERVPRO of South Central Fort Worth, Edgecliff Village, arrived on the scene, there was significant smoke and soot damage. The owner was impressed with our professionalism and quick response time!