Water Damage Photo Gallery

Fort Worth home with an attic leak

Attic Leak in a Fort Worth Home

This is a photo of when crews arrived at an emergency call about a leaking ceiling. The homeowner noticed water leaking from their HVAC in the attic down to their kitchen. SERVPRO got to work laying down plastic to protect the homeowner's new cabinets before cutting down the wet ceiling, removing wet insulation, and setting up containment. The homeowner and the insurance company was very pleased with the quick and professional job SERVPRO provided. If you experience a leaky ceiling, don't stress!

Crawlspace with water damage

Water in the Crawlspace

Not all water damages are the same. Water will move in the direction of least resistance, like in this case. Water cascaded down from the sink pipe into the crawlspace. When crews arrived, they noticed a large puddle on the vapor barrier and soaked underlayment directly below the sink line. Crews were able to dry the structure from below before mold growth started to show. Our customer was very thrilled that mold has not started to grow! We make disaster "Like it never even happened." Give us a call today if you noticed excess moisture in your crawlspace or leaky pipes coming from your sink. The issue could be more severe than you think. 

SERVPRO using a moisture meter

Moisture Meter

This is our SERVPRO moisture meter. It reads the moisture and humidity levels in the walls, wood, carpet, and ceilings. SERVPRO of South Central Fort Worth, Edgecliff Village, uses the moisture meter on all of our water loss jobs that come in. 

Bedroom flooded in Fort Worth

Flooding in Fort Worth Home

This is the aftermath of a water loss in a Fort Worth home. SERVPRO of Southwest Fort Worth arrived on the scene and performed emergency services to extract and dry all of the water out of the house, "Like it never even happened."

Air movers in a Fort Worth property

Air Movers

SERVPRO certified air movers in action, we use vortex drying to ensure prompt and accurate drying time. We have the technology for any size job, and we are trusted leaders in the restoration industry. 

Fort Worth, Texas, home remodel after water damage

Remodel After Water Damage

After overhead water damage, the homeowner needed a new fireplace, hearth, and flooring. SERVPRO of South Central Fort Worth, Edgecliff Village not only dried the area but created a beautiful space with our TURN-KEY restore and rebuild services.